Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Buff hetero Ryan is the picture of wide eyed innocence so we initiate this new performer into absolute depravity turning him into a submissive bum bitch and gay whore!  
Age 29, Unemployed

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SESSION ONE              

  • Tricked into submission
  • tied & stripped
  • groped
  • CBT
  • arse flogged
  • nipples pegged
  • cock sucking training
  • fed a man's cum
    Added 8th October 2019

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    Naive straight bumpkin Ryan arrives fresh in the city and doesn't have a clue where he's going. His parents must never have taught him about the danger of talking to stranger because the innocent lad trustingly follows Dave into his lair where he's swiftly restrained and bound in place. This sweet hetero boy really has no clue the perilous situation he's now trapped in or what a sadistic bad man this is. The gravity of his situation soon becomes apparent as his clothes are destroyed and Dave lays claim to every inch of Ryan's precious muscular body. He pleads like a whiny little bitch not realising no one can hear and he now belongs completely to Dave's depraved desires. When his nuts are wrenched back and tied to the wall he panics and cries piteously as his arse is beaten raw. Ryan's never experienced such pain or humiliation and you can hear in his strained desperate voice what a shock this is for him.

      He'll do anything to make it all stop but is shocked when a stiff dick is thrust in front of his face. The heady aroma of a man's eager cock fills his nostrils and he must taste it as his tongue is guided over the shaft and balls. Dave mercilessly thrusts into Ryan's gob skull fucking him till the stupid straight boy's face blazes red and purple. Ryan goes bug eyed in startled horror as he feels himself choke on this man's insistent dick. The daft fucker thinks that if only he obeys and obediently swallows Dave's sperm he'll be allowed to leave. Little does he realise this is his new life now!  


    Fresh new hetero recruit Ryan is eager to make a good impression which serves him well performing in his first scene which takes him to his limits. We're thrilled with the result and eager to work with him again!