Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Martin is a proper scally lad through and through. This lean hetero is a right arrogant bastard and deserves to be stripped, humbled and have his tight virgin arsehole reamed till his startled eyes look like they're going to explode!  
Age 27, Electrician

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  • Restrained
  • gagged
  • clothes destroyed
  • groped
  • humiliated
  • spanked
  • arse lashed
  • bumhole stretched with his own tools
  • fucked
  • face covered in spunk
    Added 26th June 2019

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    Workmen are such fucking teases! Coming into our office in their low hanging trousers and with their deliciously sweaty hot armpits. Martin is a sexy bit of rough who sticks his arse out while on a ladder fiddling with his tools. He's too tempting a prospect to pass up! Adrian sidles up to him being friendly and the bastard gets all offended. Dave nabs him and we fix him up real good so when he comes to the terrified scally finds himself bound up with his arms restrained behind his back and his legs trapped in a leg spreader. As Adrian enjoys slowly tearing apart his clothes Martin's eyes bulge with fury and his face burns deep crimson. One thing about big loose boxer shorts is that when he's bent forward in this position his dick flops out and the stupid cunt can't do anything to preserve his dignity. While Martin struggles frantically Adrian takes his pleasure sliding his hand over this hetero's fit masculine body and tugging on his dangling cock. He punishes the smug bastard slapping his face and spanking his arse. This is the straight scally's worst nightmare as his vulnerable arsehole is invaded using his own tool box. Adrian stretches his sphincter right open screwing his hole and preparing him for a real hard dick. He mercilessly fucks him while Martin can only weep and moan in rage. To Martin's horror he feels the cock which has just screwed him ejaculating all over his sweaty shame covered face. Now he's nothing but a pathetic cum bucket. That's all this workman is good for!





    Young hetero Northerner Martin has arrived in the big city looking for new sexual highs and agrees to perform for us. This true scally lad has no idea what he's got himself into, but bravely takes every challenge we give him to produce one of our hottest videos yet!

  • Tied and bound
  • gagged
  • arse belted and bruised
  • sphincter stretched
  • arsehole used as a urinal
  • made to rim a man's arsehole.
    Added 10th July 2019

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    Dave is relishing that he now has total control of newly captured tough workman Martin. But the dumb straight fuck doesn't realise he fully belongs to us now. Even when he's restrained in place with his limps strung up expertly he thinks he's strong enough to break free. But all Martin's thrashing about with his muscular arms and legs does is tempt Dave and make him cruelly laugh. Dressed only in a sheer pair of shorts, all Dave has to do is slip them down and Martin's arsehole is fully spread and exposed ready for use. All the enraged hetero can do is stare with his big eyes all agog while his body is pervily groped and his arse cheeks are mercilessly beaten with Dave's belt. This proud macho fucker can't stand the humiliation so thrashes out angrily. The way to humble this dickhead is to teach him how low he's really fallen. Dave stretches open Martin's arsehole and fixes a funnel inside him. He pisses directly into his arse as if he were a stinking pisspot at a festival. After he plugs all that stinking piss inside Martin feels the pressure of all that putrid liquid inside his guts. He can't stand it and will do anything for a release. Dave kindly bargains to relieve him as long as he does him the favour of licking Dave's arse clean. Martin is so desperate this straight lad actually laps at a man's arse and feels his tongue penetrating Dave's hole. Dave sits on his face so his heavy ball sack rests on Martin's forehead while the straight boy weeps and licks. When he's finally granted the blissful release as the buttplug is removed Martin's arse turns into a filthy fountain and his anus prolapses. Look at what a sorry sight this tough hetero has become!





  • Tied
  • gagged
  • bastinado
  • CBT
  • fucked with a giant dildo
  • caned
  • hot wax poured on the beaten soles of his feet
    Added 31st July 2019

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    This hetero prick's problem is that his mind is on revenge. He naively believes that he's going to get out of this fix and soon return to screwing chicks. Martin needs to focus on the here and now. And his only purpose in this moment and every moment for the rest of his life is to serve as our cocksucking slut! Martin is ingeniously bound up with his cock and nut sack suspended. All Adrian has to do is lightly stroke the sensitive soles of Martin's feet and he immediately kicks out causing himself immense pain as his dick is wrenched by the rope! Every second feels like pure and utter agony. Adrian switches to laying into his arse pounding him with a massive dildo that stretches Martin's arsehole to breaking point. Even through Martin's gag he screams his demand to stop. He needs to learn how to accept this is his life from now on. This straight cunt will take whatever punishment is dealt him with gratitude!

      As the soles of his feet are lashed and his butt is pummelled, he struggles with every bit of fight left in him to contain his screams. His humiliation is ramped up when the dildo which was just lodged up his stinking arse is rammed down his throat. While gagging on the filthy dildo his battered feet are coated in hot wax. It's like a razor slicing every nerve in his body and this dumb bastard can't think of anything but his constant unending punishment!  


  • Tied to the discipline bench
  • cock sucking training
  • fucked
  • spitroasted
  • arsehole covered in cum
  • face covered in piss
  • cum fucked up inside him
    Added 14th August 2019

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    This manly hetero workman can't tease us any more by letting his trousers hang low over his arse crack. Now he's bound firmly in place without any bottoms on at all so his arse is sticking temptingly out for us! Now that we've thoroughly fucked Martin over he knows there's no chance of release if he doesn't obey. Trapped in his vulnerable position he's presented with Dave's big hard dick and ordered to suck it. Every muscle in Martin's body revolts as it goes totally against his straight man's instinct but he painfully pushes his head down onto it and closes his lips over the thick shaft. Dave sternly directs and oversees Martin's oral service until he's thoroughly trained like a back alley whore. Martin panics when he realises that his oral service has just been to slick up and prepare Dave's dick to be plunged into his own arse! He gets mercilessly fucked as Dave plunges deep into Martin's guts.

      His own dick and balls flap about uselessly while his bum is angrily pummelled. Martin's cries for it to stop only draw Adrian in to fuck his mouth while he's also being buggered. He's completely overwhelmed as the men slam their dicks into him continuously. Dave sprays his jizz all over Martin's sore bumhole and Adrian uses it as lube to screw him more. Martin is ordered to clean Dave's spunk covered dick while more cum is fucked up inside him. He weeps with shame as Dave pisses all over his burning hot face. This straight bastard is truly filled up with cum and a fat dildo secures all those swimmers inside him.  


  • Tied
  • gagged
  • cock manipulated till erect
  • body and dick flogged
  • nipples and body pegged
  • ruined orgasm
    Added 4th September 2019

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    Martin is furious about being tied up naked and fights with every muscle in his body to escape but all that ends up happening is his big fat donkey dick flops back and forth! When that doesn't work he resorts to begging but his confession that he's a father only turns us on more and makes us hungry for his potent hetero sperm. Dave tugs his dick till it's grown thick and heavy. But Martin still struggles. Dave's can be good cop and bad cop all in one. When Martin tries to protectively clench his arse cheeks together Dave viciously thrashes him till his back feels fucking raw! Now that Martin is snivelling and beaten Dave snuggles up to him like a boyfriend again only to then discipline his big stiff daddy cock till its battered and bruised. He attaches a string of pegs down Martin's masculine frame so every nerve in his body is on high alert.

      The dumbfuck is so confused having his cock worked till it's stiff again he doesn't know if he feels pleasure or pain anymore. Just as he finally spills his seed the pegs are ripped from his body causing a lightening wave of agony through his body. He'll never be able to have sex or spunk in the same way again!