Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Jay catches our eye, working in a nearby office. We give him every option to be good and take a cock without fuss but he rebuffs our advances. We have no other option than to grab the straight bastard, strip him and inflict all sorts of unpleasantness on him including his first arse-pounding from another man. "Living hell" would describe it. Fun for us though!  
Age 30, TV Post production

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SESSION ONE              

  • Grabbed from his office
  • Tied down
  • Clothes ripped off
  • Gagged so he canít cry out
  • Groped and fondled
  • Gob & spit in the face
  • Arse beaten
  • Punished for being straight
  • Humiliating & painful enema
  • Fingered and then fucked with hard cock
    Added 24th November 2021

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    This straight office worker makes a big mistake rebuffing my sexual advances. We grab him and tie him up with legs held astride and his arse exposed. His cries for help are muffled by the cloth stuffed into his mouth, held there by a tight ball-gag. This man needs to be punished so we take the scissors to his smart office trousers and undies and set to work beating his naked hairy straight arse, a nice shade of red, with a nasty leather strap. Jay's agony and terror are such a turn on I want to stick my erect prick into his tight virgin arse right there & then but Dave convinces me to use an enema on him first. I'd be quite happy to have a cock covered in straight shit so long as I take this bastard's virginity but Dave has a smirk on his face Ė first he's going to give this cunt the most humiliating enema ever!

      Dave fills this straight turd with countless bulbs full of cold water until his belly is stuffed full and in agony. To make it worse he shoves a large hard buttplug up this straight's reluctant shitter. For his own sadistic pleasure Dave presses down on this twat's belly causing him untold suffering – which both of us laugh at. This cunt is desperate for release. Because I'm aching to take his arse, Dave takes out the plug and then the sorry piece of shit fires his dirty arse juice into an old tin bucket I hold up to receive the contents of his bowels. After a fingering he won't forget, the lad is ready to take a proper arse pounding – so stick my eager cock into him and fuck him merrily whilst enjoying the sight of his terrified face! Another straight cherry taken on the road to seriously doing over this hairy motherfucker.